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When smiling, some people struggle with a gummy smile or the over-showing of the upper gums. We have a popular and effective option for reducing the appearance of a gummy smile. It works by reducing movement in the upper lip, preventing it from retracting and exposing a significant amount of gum tissue when smilin





As with any injectable procedure at RADIANT, it is important to have an experienced and skilled injector that has the ability to deliver desired results as well as manage the entire process from the initial consultation to the follow-up after your appointment.


We only use the highest quality dermal fillers at RADIANT to add volume, shape, structure and contour the face. As we age volume starts to slowly disappear, revealing sunken skin and wrinkles. Our variety of treatments restores volume loss wherever it occurs. Fillers can even be used by a skilled injector to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.


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